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Jun. 16th, 2014 12:33 am
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here's a brand spankin' new request post that i will super always attend to and be there to make icons with lickety split. for sure.

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anyway, that's it! comment here with what you want, maybe provide the material for me to get my photoshopped paws on, etc. seriously, i'm kind of desperate for more stuff to do. this is honestly gonna be forever open so don't even worry about it.


Jul. 10th, 2017 02:15 pm
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all of my icons broke..... why........ why this

it's gonna take a bit for me to replace them all now that photobucket has betrayed us, but i'll edit this post when i've done so! i'll try and do the latest batches soon like the dc icons first and then go from there. if anyone just wants a zip file of them though, just ask!
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sengoku basara [74]
➝ one shitty fucking ninja [1 - 74]

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credit ➝ probono
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dc comics [103]
➝ super sons feat hell child and alien son [1 - 70]
➝ old n52 shit i don't want to look at anymore feat hell child, bats, and the favorite son [1 - 33]

damian needs friends )

credit ➝ probono
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dc comics [92]
➝ bruce wayne (old old old shit, remade w/ new coloring) [1 - 49]
➝ rebirth, batfam centric [1 - 43]

jim gordon has a sweet stache )

credit ➝ probono